ASA vs. Rivaroxaban in Newly Diagnosed or Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma Patients Treated With Len-Dex Combination Therapy.

Study Purpose

The intended pilot study is designed as a multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial, comparing the impact of two different therapies including ASA vs.#46; Rivaroxaban in newly diagnosed or relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma patients treated with Lenalidomide Dexamethasone (Len-Dex) combination therapy

Recruitment Criteria

Accepts Healthy Volunteers

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Study Type

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Eligible Ages 18 Years - 90 Years
Gender All
More Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

  • - Adult patients with NDMM or RRMM.
  • - Must be receiving Len-Dex based treatment.

Exclusion Criteria:

  • - Creatinine clearance (CrCl) is less than 15mL/min; - Platelet count is less than 50,000; - Patient with a history of antiphospholipid syndrome especially if he/she is triple positive for lupus anticoagulant, anticardiolipin antibodies, and/or anti-b2 glycoprotein I antibodies.
  • - Major bleeding event within the previous 3 months prior to the Len-Dex therapy; - previous recent anticoagulation or on antiplatelet therapy.
  • - previous lenalidomide maintenance therapy.
  • - known allergies to any of the study drugs.
- history of gastric or duodenal ulcer

Trial Details

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Phase 2/Phase 3
Lead Sponsor

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Lawson Health Research Institute
Principal Investigator

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Martha Louzada, MD
Principal Investigator Affiliation Lawson Health Research Institute
Agency Class

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Overall Status Recruiting
Countries Canada

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Multiple Myeloma in Relapse, Multiple Myeloma Progression, Multiple Myeloma Stage II, Multiple Myeloma Stage I, Multiple Myeloma With Failed Remission, Multiple Myeloma Stage III
Additional Details

The investigators will perform a pragmatic multicentre open label pilot randomized controlled trial in Canada (London, Hamilton, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg ) to assess the feasibility of a full RCT to compare the efficacy and safety of Rivaroxaban or ASA in preventing venous or arterial thromboembolic events in patients with myeloma on Len-Dex based therapy. For the data collection the research team will use REDCap which is a Research Electronic Data Capture web-based tool for creating and managing online database applications and surveys. System will allow performing the randomization as well. Patients will be randomized to ASA 81 mg daily or Rivaroxaban 10 mg daily. Patients will enter the study at the time of commencement of anticoagulants (Rvaroxaban or ASA) and be followed for 6 months, or until 4 weeks after stopping Len-Dex, or they withdraw from the study, or they leave the province, or die, whichever comes first. Patients will be randomly assigned, in a 1: 1 ratio, to receive either Rivaroxaban 10 mg daily for 6 months or ASA 81 mg daily for 6 months. A web-based randomization system will ensure allocation concealment. Randomization will be stratified by site and by line of therapy (first line or other) in blocks of 4. Using a vanguard design, the research team intends to rollover the participants of our feasibility study into a full randomized control trial comparing the efficacy and safety of Rivaroxaban or ASA in preventing venous or arterial thromboembolic events (ATE) in myeloma patients receiving Len-Dex therapy. For the full RCT, the investigators plan to externally validate the IMWG criteria model for thromboembolic risk. The investigators will also evaluate the impact of adding myeloma bio-markers to the IMWG criteria to assess their association with TE risk and potentially improve the utility and generalizability of the IMWG criteria. The bio-markers are: D-dimer, LDH, B2 microglobulin and C-reactive protein (CRP). All of the IMWG criteria risk factors and the bio-markers will be collected for the participants of the feasibility study for potential future enrollment into the full RCT.

Arms & Interventions


Experimental: Len-Dex+Rivaroxaban

Patients with MM will receive Len-Dex combination and Rivaroxaban (10 mg) daily

Active Comparator: Len-Dex+ASA

Patients MM will receive Len-Dex combination and ASA 81 mg daily


Drug: - Rivaroxaban

Rivaroxaban 10mg daily

Drug: - ASA

ASA 81mg

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